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Testimonial from Ian & Toni Kennedy

I would like to offer this testimonial regarding the very professional and friendly services provided by our Travel Agent Michelle Saidi. i first met Michelle about 6 years ago when she was a travel consultant with Flight Centre. I utilised her services at that time  and was impressed by her friendliness and her willingness to ensure that everything she could do for us was done.

I followed her as she ventured into her own enterprise and I have continued to utilise her services in the last 3 or 4 years and will continue to consult her on my future travel plans. What particularly impressed me was the detail that she provided, such as, providing the names of various tour guides at some locations, who provided us with a wealth of relevant information and ensured we were provided with a professional escort. Also her recommendations regarding the various hotels to stay at, particularly in Asia, have been absolutely spot on and her follow up when we returned to verify that all her arrangements went to plan, was something I had not experienced with previous travel agents.

I have no hesitation in recommending Michelle  to anyone for future travel arrangements. She is without doubt a very professional and knowledgeable travel agent.

Ian & Toni Kennedy
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